Caregiver Awards

Options Home Care is based on the guiding principle “We know it’s all about the people”, reason why Options Home Care makes sure to recognize our Caregivers for their many contributions that guarantee quality attention for our Clients.

Each year, the Regional Managers, with the help of the District Managers, recognize 5 Caregivers. These 5 Caregivers are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Excellent service and consumer satisfaction
  • Excellent assistance
  • Good interaction with others
  • Serious and trustworthy
  • Excellent performance at work
  • Consistently apply the training procedures
  • Have an exceptional knowledge of the tasks at hand
  • Work productively with minimum supervision
  • Help their co-workers
  • Provide high quality work
  • They adhere to the rules and standards of the Enterprise

Congratulations to the 2015 Caregivers:

  1. Under Construction

The monthly recognition is done through our Employee Recognition Program. The Caregivers are rewarded by demonstrating a high level of service and satisfaction to our Consumers. The Employee Awards have three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold, with prizes varying from $20 to $50 and breakfast with their Manager.

To recognize a Caregiver, call Mission Control at 1-866-440-1100 and say: “Hello, I would like to recognize a Caregiver for providing an outstanding service” and they will take care of the rest. Let’s Recognize!